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5 Mindset Habits For Healthy Exercises

5 mindset habits of people who exercise regularly

We all know that it is good to exercise.  We’ve seen the science and heard the health warnings, but that doesn’t mean that you are jumping at the opportunity to get out there and perform your best.


However, there are many people in the world that love exercise and can stay motivated.  These people have an excellent health and fitness mindset.  Here are some of the habits they have to maintain this:


Clear goals

“Get fit!” is not a good enough goal.  Yes, the sentiment is there but it is not going to maintain your focus and keep you heading back to the gym.


You need to set a defined goal.  A clear aim that you can work towards and know when you have achieved it.


Great examples include run 10km without stopping, lose 5kgs or workout for 30 minutes 5 times a week until Christmas.


Never give up

If you have a strong fitness mindset, then it likely comes with drive and determination.  You want to be your best and therefore you never give up.


Like in any area of life, there will be setbacks.  You might feel like you are not making enough progress or be fed up of sweaty gym workouts.


You must persevere.  Look back at the progress you have made so far, get a new body spray or gym deodorant (check out Gym Perfume).  Find solutions, develop your mindset and keep going.


Make it enjoyable

It is hard to show up for activities that we hate.  For most of us, we do enjoy some form of exercise.  Even if we don’t enjoy the process, we enjoy the results.


Regular gym goers and athletes find ways to make the elements they enjoy less more enjoyable.  This could be anything from listening to music to working out with a friend or using a new body spray like Gym Perfume.


Get creative and find new ways to enjoy exercising.  You never know, this may turn out to be your favourite part of the day.


Review your food

People with a healthy mindset know that physical exercise is not the only component to living a healthy lifestyle.  You must consider what you eat too.


Depending on your goals what you need to eat is going to vary but you need to change your view of food.  A switch to thinking of food as fuel for your body when you work out will help you make smarter choices.


What does your body need to help you perform your best?  When you change your thinking, it improves your focus and every time you eat you are reminded of your goals.


Small steps

It is perfectly reasonable to want to make big changes to your health and fitness, but you need to acknowledge that this progress will come in small steps rather than big leaps.


If you get into the habit of breaking down your big goals into bitesize chunks, then your new lifestyle will become more sustainable.


The feeling of achieving these smaller goals will keep you motivated for the long run and improve your performance.


Mindset is everything

If you want to perform your best, then mindset is the key.  Get your mindset right and you will keep going until you perform your best.

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