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No Motivation For Workouts? This is for you!


It can be easy to look at athletes and think that they have something you don’t.  The drive to push their bodies and see what they can do feels like it requires extraordinary levels of motivation.


Exercise and fitness are a big part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but how do you go from a self-professed couch potato to a total gym bunny?  Here are a few steps that will you find your motivation:


Set a goal

All of us have some sort of fitness goal in the back of our minds even if we aren’t currently a regular at the gym. Whether it is to run a marathon or swim across the local lake or to just feel like you have more energy.


Setting a goal, even one that feels unrealistic at this point, can give you the motivation to get your gym kit on and head out of the door.


Keep it fun

No one is telling you what your exercise needs to look like.  There are lots of recommendations, but you can decide how you mix it up.


It is important to keep it fun, so that you don’t grow tired and lose motivation.  If you feel this happening, then try something new.  You could switch the gym for the pool one day or sign up to a dance workout because why not.


Prioritize your fitness

When did you decide that other areas of your life are more important than your physical health?  If you think about it then it is hard to think of anything that you should be prioritising over your fitness.


Make the time to exercise multiple times a week, even if you feel like you don’t have the time now.  You need to place your physical wellbeing at the top of the list.  When you change your thinking around fitness then you fit it into your schedule.


Inspire others

You might feel like none of your friends or family care about their fitness, so why should you?  Well, that is the very reason that you need to get out there and do it.  You can inspire those around you to improve their fitness too.


Even the smallest of efforts towards your fitness goals will help others find the motivation towards theirs.  In turn, they will inspire you and you will improve together.


Build a schedule

If you don’t trust yourself to make the decision to exercise on your own, then write it into your schedule.  Planning time to exercise will mean that you are less likely to ditch it in favour of something else.


Once a day first thing in the morning, or an hour a day every other evening, whatever works for you, schedule it in and follow the plan.


Find what works for you

It could be that it only takes one of these ideas to motivate you into the world of fitness, or perhaps you will need them all.  Whatever it takes to get you exercising is worth it, because looking after your body is the best thing you can do for both your mental and physical health.



Leave your phone alone and focus on your workout!!!!




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