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Why sweating is actually good for you

Why is sweating good for you?

Sweating.  Not exactly one of the best bits about exercising.  We spend a lot of time trying to prevent ourselves from sweating, but we sweat for good reason.


It is not by coincidence that when we workout we start sweating and scientists are discovering more reasons to embrace the sweat rather stop it.  Odor is different and we’ll talk about how Gym Perfume can help with this later.


If you are not a big fan of sweating, then maybe the following list will help you change your mind.  Here are our top reasons that we love to sweat:


Regulate body temperature

The most well-known reason on this list is that sweating helps you regulate body temperature.  Exercising burns energy which generates heat.  You physically get warmer.  Sweating cools you down and stops you from overheating.  You don’t want to pass out at the gym.


Clears out pores

Your skin loves sweat too.  It opens the pores and flushes out all the dirt that gets trapped in there.  It is this dirt that leads to spots and zits.  Remember once you have done that workout to have shower to wash away all that newly released filth.


Drink more water

Staying hydrated is important.  Drinking lots of water helps flush out the toxins in our bodies and prevents nasty illnesses like kidney stones.  Sweating releases water from our bodies which encourages us to drink more.  This is always a good thing.


Helps prevent infections

Your sweat contains an antimicrobial peptide called dermcidin which can help fight off illness and infection.  This means that sweating might prevent you from getting coughs and colds as well as making you less susceptible to infections.


Keeps your hair thick

Just like with the pores on your skin, sweating also opens the pores on your head encouraging the growth of new follicles.  This can stimulate hair growth and keep your hair lovely and thick.  But be warned sweat isn’t great for your hair so once you’ve opened those pores make sure you give your hair a good rinse.


Improves your mood

The process of sweating releases endorphins into your body and this lifts your mood.  Therefore, exercise is good for both your physical and mental wellbeing.  It leaves you with a feeling of contentment and relaxation.


Removes pollutants

Chemicals such as BPA have been proven to be bad for us.  Our body has found a good way of removing the pollutants from our bodies though: sweating.  Your sweat glands are very effective at eliminating these toxins from your body, even more so than your urinary system in some cases.


How can you manage unwanted odours from sweating?

We have established that we want to sweat.  Therefore, we don’t want to use excessive chemicals that stop this from happening.  But we do want to manage the potentially embarrassing smells that come with it.


Luckily, you can combat the smell associated with sweating by using a body spray such as Gym Perfume from Gymati.  This high-performance gym deodorant conquers the smell rather than the sweat.  Meaning you can get all the benefits of sweating without the nasty smells.



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