We believe that scent affects our Focus & Mood during exercise.
As a fitness enthusiast, you are always working hard on your body, trying to push yourself to new limits and live a healthy lifestyle that will pay lifetime dividends. Whether you are lacing up for a morning run, hitting the gym after a long day of work, you always strive to get that workout in and go to bed feeling just a little bit better than you did when you woke up.
Every workout is a new experience and a new chance to bring out the best in yourself.
Gym Perfume was born out of a strong desire to grab ahold of that experience and foster a feeling of luxury and elegance. Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory and emotion. We wanted hard workers like you to put on our body spray, and instantly connect our unique scent to a feeling of importance and elegance because every workout is hard, and when you feel good, there are no limits to what you can accomplish.
How did we do it?
The Work-Out
After years of thorough research, careful testing, and in-depth consultations with renowned laboratories around the world, we successfully created our FDA approved formula.
Throughout the process, we tested a variety of different scents on thousands of different athletes before landing on our exclusive signature fragrance, “Courage”. Originally from Europe, we quickly expanded our product offering across the globe as demand continued to increase. Today, we are proud to have loyal Gym Perfume customers in different countries, and offer free shipping anywhere in the U.S.
The Stretch
This is just the beginning. Our mission is to ensure that you feel like the best version of yourself every time you work out. From the unmatched luxurious scent, to the instantaneous cooling effect, we aim to bring confidence and inspiration with every rep. Gym Perfume will empower you to perform your best every day and smell amazing while you do it.
Don’t just take our word for it. Try it out for yourself, and smell the difference :)
As part of our beliefs, we proudly support in giving back to where we take.