Maximum Performance


Does this sound like YOU?

You worry that others can smell you when you work out.
You have to stop during a workout to reapply deodorant.
Body sprays don’t cut it.
You worry what other people think of you when you work out.
Your own smell distracts you.
You tried everything to get your body odour under control.
You are constantly looking over your shoulder to see if other people can smell you.


You do not need to let body odor distract you.  The answer is Gym Perfume!



STOP worrying about sweat and START focus!

We know that when you work out you need to feel confident.  Confident that you can push yourself.  Confident that you can perform your best.


As athletes, we understand.  We challenge ourselves daily to see what our bodies can do.  But our bodies are only as good as our ability to focus.

When our minds are off elsewhere you are not fully committed to your body.  This is the one time in each day where you can truly work on the physical you.


Your body deserves the best.  It deserves your complete attention.


After 2 years of research, working daily with high-performance athletes in Miami Beach, we created our long-lasting formula.


The first body spray with a combination of luxurious fragrance and durable antibacterial ingredients.


Gym Perfume guarantees to last the entire workout.  With aluminum-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free ingredients.


Our product is the first of its kind to revolutionize the dynamics of working out.  Gym Perfume is not just a deodorant, it is an exclusive formula that contains oil fragrances and deodorant ingredients.  The components eliminate the bacteria that cause the bad odor.



Join the thousands of athletes around the world who are choosing to prioritise their performance.